About Us

The Forgery is collection of accessories for anyone.
It is the result of a collaboration between Maria Cooper and Gavin Grymes,two designers+makers+friends+dreamers.  
We aim to make jewellery that will last and be treasured by the people who wear it. We aspire to help people feel like the best version of themselves - we think that what people choose to wear can help them feel their most brave, confident, and authentic. We want wearing our accessories to make people feel awesome!  
The Forgery was born and raised in NYC, where Gavin and Maria met.  Its one of the most inspiring and vibrant cities in the world, and both were lucky enough to live and work there. Maria is from New Zealand (cue the funny accent), and Gavin hails from Virginia (so he can be relied upon to escort damsels over puddles when required).       Maria is back in New Zealand where The Forgery studio is now based, turning out all of the handmade goodies you see here.  The marvels of modern technology allow us to keep our design collaboration alive despite the ocean between us.
We love to hear from fans of The Forgery, so feel free to message us to say hello, or to discuss custom orders (we especially LOVE making wedding bands).
XOXO Maria + Gavin